to give something away doesn’t indicate its worthlessness, but rather its wealth, regardless of the state of the contribution


I’m hosting a big giveaway
Come rain or sunshine, today is the day
Everyone come out to find
things you lost or left behind
I’ve coveted, hoarded, thought it okay
Please come to my big giveaway

Some things they were gifts, others I stole
Some looked abandoned, I’d hold and feel whole
Until this chance to confess
Let go of, re-name, re-address
Come pick up what’s yours, please don’t delay
Its time for this big giveaway

I’m using up paper I’ve kept in a stack
Writing my regrets and sending them back
To every unanswered call
Mixed message, blank stare, dropped ball
I’m sorry if I kept you all at bay
You too are part of my big giveaway


from Giveaway - 5 song EP, released February 7, 2009
Cheryl L'Hirondelle - lead vocals, piano
Gregory Hoskins - guitar, banjo, supporting vocals
Kurt Swinghammer - ebow, guitar
John Dymond - bass
Gary Craig - drums
produced by Gregory Hoskins
recorded March 2008 at Fire Escape Studio (Doug Romanow, engineer) and November 2008 at Joao Carvalho Mastering Studio (Gregory Hoskins, engineer)



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Cheryl L'Hirondelle

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